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ZBrushCentral username: alterton

Dredd Turntable 1 Jeepers Creepers Turntable 2 Synth Turntable 3 Pop Culture Shock Collectibes Mortal Kombat 3/4 Scorpion statue Turntable 4 The Cleric Fighting from Alterton’s Minions story Turntable 5 Tiehenne, the Righteous One from Alterton’s Minions story Turntable 6 Dhorlas ridding the King of Horses from Alterton’s Keepers of the Covenant story. ARH Studios 1/6 statue Turntable 7 The Deacon from Alterton’s Minions story Turntable 8 Pop Culture Shock Collectibes Randy Queen’s Darkchylde 1/4 statue Turntable 9 The Nun fghting from Alterton’s Minions story Turntable 10 ARTIST'S PROFILE I have worked as a traditional sculptor in the collectible biz for about seven years, doing freelance work for companies suchs as DC Direct (DC comics characters); Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum (doing Marvel comics characters); First4Figures (doing Transformers characters), Mindzeye Studios(doing Gears of War characters) just to name a few. I am also the creator and webmaster of www.thesculptorscorner.com, a site were most of the great toy-collectible sculptors have their own and personal galleries. My first contact with zbrush was a few years ago, when Mindzeye studios sent me a zbrush model done by the talented Mike Pablovich as reference for a Gears of War’s statue. You can read an article I did about it for Pop Sculpture book blog at http://popsculpturebook.blogspot.com/2010/04/alterton-bizarre-emperor-of-epoxy_09.html By that time i was really scared of the 3d world, in fact one of my first art directors and a great friend, the multitalend Digger T Mesh, former founder and owner of Art Asylum Toys, tried to convince me that 3D apps were the future of collectibles, but it wasn't until I saw Joe Menna’s work that I decided to give it a try. Trust me, I was so overwhelmed by all this 3D stuff until I found ZBrushcentral and ZBrush 3. It was like a gift for all of us who knew nothing about 3D. Long Live ZBrush!!! I made a post on my thread about how easy it was to translate my traditional sculpting techniques to ZBrush http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?p=877448#post877448 Now I have turned entirely to the digital world. I am frequently asked if I miss doing traditonal works and the truth is... Hell no!!! I am really comfortable working with 3D, and I only use Zbrush!!! Digitally I have worked for Pop Culture Shock Collectibles, Mcfarlane toys, Disney Development and DigDeep Entert. Doing licensed characters from Mortal Kombat 9, Randy Queen’s Darkchylde, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Walking Dead, etc. Email: altertonbizarre@yahoo.com, info@alterton.com Website: www.alterton.com   Comments on ZBrush: ZBrush literally changed my life by radically changing my way of working. Now everything is faster and cleaner than it ever was – no more sanding and dust – I LOVE IT!!! GO ZBRUSH!!!!
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