ZBrush 3D Turntables
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Andrey Malygin

ZBrushCentral username: artgolod

E. Honda Turntable 1 I used ZBrush DynaMesh function for future body form modification and curve brushes to make clothes. Next step is ZRemesher and creating UVs. After I worked out in details the future model and began painted texture by using Polypaint. I used BPR Render and focused on LightCap, Wax Modifiers and BPR Shadow for completion this work. The idea of performing this character was picked up from one of my favorite game "Street fighter". I try to create something new in this character, that can stand me out from another artists' style. ARTIST PROFILE Was graduated the Moscow State University of TV, as art producer in 2007. Worked as freelance art producer, designer, concept artist, 3D modeler from 2008-2011. Since 2010 has been studying Zbrush. In 2011 began working in media industry as 3D modeler and designer till this moment. Website: www.andreymalygin.com Email: hello@andreymalygin.com THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH Modeling is something I really enjoy and ZBrush has got all necessary tools and functions that help me every time bringing a new character to life. Thank you Pixologic!
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