ZBrush 3D Turntables
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Antonio Peres

ZBrushCentral username: antonio peres

Troll Turntable 1 and 2 The image is a creation of humor where a troll charismatic appearance of having lunch at a farm cows. Hope you enjoy. I was very happy with the result, ZBrush is really amazing. Make our dreams come true. ARTIST'S PROFILE My name is Antonio Peres Vieira Filho, I'm 39 years old, Brazilian and I live in the city of Sao Paulo (Brazil). I am currently working in the company Digital key as chief creative officer and responsible for modeling 3d - electronic model, characters, 3d vegetation. Email: juniorperes2005@hotmail.com Website: http://antonioperes3d.wordpress.com/ THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH I started with the ZBrush to two years and really is the most powerful and intuitive tool for creating, modeling detail and speed that the artist can find. ZBrush to make dreams come true, really is unique and indispensable for all 3D artists.
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