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Arda Koyuncu

ZBrushCentral username: qoyun

STEAMPUNK RED RIDING HOOD CONCEPT This is a concept based on the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood. I always thought there is a scary or a dark side to all the fairy tales so I decided to push it a little further... I have created the basemeshes for all the characters, props and clothes in Maya. All the detail, folds and forms are sculpted in Zbrush. Hunter Turntable 1 Wolf Turntable 2 Red Riding Hood Turntable 3 ARTIST'S PROFILE   I am a San Francisco based CG Artist specializing in high poly character modeling, retopologizing, texturing and lighting. I am currently working on my MFA degree and working as a freelancer. Email Address  -  ardakoyuncu@gmail.com Portfolio Link  -  http://www.ardakoyuncu.com
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