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Arnab Roy

ZBrushCentral username: sagiarts

Hellboy Bust Turntable 1 This is one of my practice speed sculpt which I lied a lot and hence polished to give a final look. Started from a single cube imported from 3ds max I tried my best to keep the character intact in ZBrush. Amazon Female Warrior Turntable 2, 3 Amazon female warrior was created as my entry at a CG sculpting challenge. I blended some fantasy to this ancient historical Greek character. My idea was to make something beautiful yet furious. I created all the base meshes in Maya in a very rough box format and later on proportioned, sculpted, detailed and posed in ZBrush. Marine Soldier Turntable 4, 5 I created this model from a very simple wish to create something sci-fi but yet a bit simple. Later I did retopology of the model using ZBrush retopology and textured with Zapplink. A complete textured version is available at my website. Biomec Turntable 6, 7 Biomec was another entry for a previous CG challenge in end 2009.The character is highly inspired by gears of war, my favorite console game. I tried to keep a blend of rotten flesh with junk mechanics. The model was sculpted and posed entirely in ZBrush. ARTIST PROFILE Hi I am Arnab Roy and I am a CG Character Artist from Kolkata, India. I specialize in character and set/prop art starting from Concept design - Modeling – Sculpting-Texturing-and photorealistic rendering. I mainly use Potoshop for concept art , Maya for Modeling ,Rendering (Mental Ray), ZBrush for sculpting and texturing. I am a self taught artist and currently working as Sr. Character artist at a UK based game company. I am also currently accepting freelance work. I deliver cutting edge 3D Character/Environment Art for games films and cinematics. EMail: sagiarts@gmail.com Website: www.wix.com/sagiarts/sagiarts
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