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Ben Miller

ZBrushCentral username: The Conundrical Preposter

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Turntable 1 This bust of Mendelssohn is the last in a series of composers that I've sculpted over the last year. I was asked to create them in bas-relief but I felt I was better able to absorb their appearances on a full bust and better able to adjust and sculpt the portrait if I started like this. I've been working on this project for nearly as long as I've been using ZBrush so Mendelssohn represents the culmination of what I've learned so far. I've approached every piece in a slightly different manner, slowly parceling them into more and more pieces which are easier to work with later on. Each composer is a new challenge for me but after hours of squashing and stretching their faces the end results are something I'm happy with. ARTIST PROFILE Since I started learning CG, modeling has always been my focus. After waiting far too long I finally got my hands on Zbrush and I've been explaining to my relatives what a digital sculptor is ever since. I've always hoped to get into the gaming industry, as it is the most identifiable industry to my generation, but I look forward to the unexpected opportunities I'll stumble into along the way. Website: www.coroflot.com/ThisLandisDigital Email: ebengames@me.com THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH ZBrush constantly pushes me to go back and learn the fundamentals of art that I breezed over. While many programs out there are a constant reminder that old ways are becoming obsolete, ZBrush seems to inspire the opposite. It provides workflows that are dynamic, adapting to my needs, my techniques, and my imagination, rather than workflows that require me to do the adapting. It's been quite an adventure so far.
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