ZBrush 3D Turntables
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Chris Concepcion

2009 Turntable Gallery Contest Winner

ZBrushCentral username: SHINJA

GAIRA Turntable 1 1. I first used ZBrush by drawing ZSpheres to get the balance right for the base mesh. 2. I then used the mesh created from ZSpheres and exported to XSI. 3. Then started building the back brace and hard surface elements on top of the base mesh. 4. Once the hard surface is at an acceptable level I then put a rough sculpt on the organic mesh and export back to XSI to fit the armour on the rough sculpt. 5. Once I finished fitting the hard surface armour I then exported the hard surface mesh in subtools to ZBrush. 6. I then refined the high poly organic sculpt with muscle features using the Stitch 2 with no alpha, Claytubes brush and the Move brush. 7. Added a new layer for the scales which I got from the great Pixologic alpha brush library. 8. Tweaked and moved the hard surface armour in place using the Move tool. 9. I created renders with different materials such as AO, Spec material and a grey material. Tweaking the lights orientation and exporting zdepth properties. 10. Painted over the exported images and composited them together in Photoshop. SEGA - STORMRISE - SAI RAGE Turntable 2 A model created for the RTS game Stormrise. Most of the hard surface modelling was done in XSI and the organic model sculpted in ZBrush and created texture and normal maps from ZBrush. DEIMOS Turntable 3 This model was made for dominance war 3. ZBrush was used for the high res sculpting of the organic models. Harsurface was detailed in Softimage and then imported back to ZBrush for additional details. SEGA - STORMRISE - SAI WARRIOR Turntable 4 A unit model for stormrise. Created using ZSpheres as base model and then moved around in ZBrush and sculpted. Added some hard surface detail and model balancing using XSI and then ported back to ZBrush for final detailing. ARTIST'S PROFILE I am currently a freelance artist in Melbourne Australia. THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH ZBrush has become the most robust software used in our pipeline at most of the studios I have worked for. I am able to generate high res models and sculpts in no time and able to present the work to clients in a clean fashion. I have seen and taught ZBrush to new artists and it is compelling to see how well they adapt to ZBrush. In addition, in just a number of practices and from the resources provided by Pixologic and great artists at ZBrushCentral and other forums, they have produced amazing artwork. I am looking forward to the future of ZBrush, it's robust developments and excellent arsenal of tools to come. Email: Cconcepcion@fraktalvoid.com   Website: www.fraktalvoid.com/blog
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