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Chris Korn

ZBrushCentral username: CAK1776

The Gargon Turntable 1, 2 One of my favorite B Sci-fi films from the 1950's is Teenagers from Outer space. The basic story is that aliens come down to earth to see if it is a suitable grazing planet for their main food animal the Gargon (which in reality was just a lobster that was painted black). The Earth turns out to be more than accommodating for this creature. The Earths unique atmosphere allows the Gargon to grow to gigantic proportions, and this increased size makes for an increased appetite, and what better meal is there for a giant lobster than a nice juicy human. One thing I always thought was lacking from this creature in the film was that it was just a black lobster that they composited into the shot to make it look huge. So for this sculpture I wanted to take that initial idea to the next level, keeping many Lobster aspects of the creature yet pushing the shapes into something new and a bit more menacing. Again I started with ZSpheres and blocked in the forms. I used tons of reference of lobsters, crabs, and bugs to get the look I was after. After I was happy with the final sculpture I gave it a gnarly roaring pose. Then taking a blue Lobster as my main reference for the coloring/patterning I finished this Monster off using poly painting (turntable-2). Mock Turtle Turntable 3, 4 This sculpture of the Mock Turtle from Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland started with a look a John Tenniel's illustrations. From there, I started with ZSpheres, blocking in the basic shapes. I strayed from the drawings at this point to make the anatomy flow a bit better and appear more realistic. I then retopologized all the parts to one cohesive mesh, Refined it further, and then using different skin alphas put in the final details. My main goal, and one that I think was accomplished with this piece, was to convey the melancholy and sadness that this creature has. Artist Profile With a formal education in film making and a background in stop motion, sculpture, and special make-up effects, adding CG animation into my skill set was a natural progression for me. For 5 years now I've been feverishly adding to my knowledge on this amazing art form. Email: chriskorn1@comcast.net Website: chriskorn.tumblr.com
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