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Chris Nirenberg

ZBrushCentral username: NIZZA_WAAARG

5 STAR GENERAL Turntable 1, 2 For all my meshes recently, I’ve taken to creating a very simple box mesh in Maya and doing almost everything in ZBrush. I mainly use the transpose tools, move, standard and smooth brushes to work out the initial shapes and forms of the character in the beginning then refine further from there (normally with the standard brush but occasionally with the clay brushes as well). I’ll usually make new base box meshes over the base figure back in Maya and then continue sculpting in ZBrush. The best part of this character (5 star general) was developing the initial forms. First time creating a stylized character like this and the initial shapes and form exploring was both challenging and fun. I also liked creating the sharp folds on the pants tho. FEMALE CHARACTER Turntable 3 ARTIST'S PROFILE I’m currently between semesters at Rmit University in Melbourne. So far I’ve just been studying on my own time to improve my art skills. Hoping to land a job eventually but I enjoy the practice I’m getting until that time. THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH I’m finding as I improve my art skills, I’ve been using ZBrush considerably more. Anything from sketching out basic shapes and gestures for new characters to sculpting in super fine details to finish off a character. I’m really hoping GOZ is released soon as I can see myself having ZBrush open whenever my computer’s turned on :P Email: nizzaarg@gmail.com   Website: http://nizza.wordpress.com
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