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Damir Martin

ZBrushCentral username: a i r

"55 Dragons Design Marathon" These dragons were quick +/- 2 hour sketches I have created for exercise. I used Zsphere and Zsketch features to set up a rough base. Then I continued working out the shape using awesome brushes like clay tubes, move, move topo, track brushes and pretty much any other brush that I could use to get the sketch done as fast as possible and looking as well as possible. I can't imagine creating 55 elaborate 3D sketches in about 25 days without the help of Zbrush. I just love track brushes for texturing. Combined with ZGrab option in the alpha palette, one can create super detailed, unique textures in a matter of minutes. ARTIST'S PROFILE   Email  -  damir@damirgmartin.com Website - www.damirgmartin.com
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