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Daniel Bystedt

ZBrushCentral username: morrisCowboys

Angry Man Turntable 1 Mech suit Turntable 2 Original 2d design by Daryl Mandryk (mandrykart.com) I felt that I had focused a bit too much on organic modeling and wanted to try out some hard surface stuff. I found a nice 2d design online so I wouldn't have to spend a lot of time with designing the suit. I started with blocking out the shapes with one dynamesh piece on low resolution. After that I used mesh extraction from a smoothed version of the original sculpt and used the clip brushes to refine the shapes. All modeling, texturing and rendering was done in Zbrush. Dragon head Turntable 2 Original design by Philip Andrén (http://deepcore1.deviantart.com/) I had been playing skyrim alot so I wanted to do a dragon. I started with shadowbox, since it is really easy to get a good starting point when it comes to profile. After that I converted it to a dynamesh and sculpted away. A lot of the skin was done by painting a grayscale skin texture with spotlight. After that I masked the model by texture intesity and sculpted the skin details. All modeling, texturing and rendering was done in ZBrush. ARTIST'S PROFILE I began studying 3D at digital graphics, nackademin in STHLM 2007. It was a 2-year program including 6 months of internship. It was a good school, but the experience really depended on how much effort that you want to put in your own education. After I graduated I continued working at the same place that I started my internship, Milford Film & Animation (www.milford.se). I am currently working as lead modeler in the studio. THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH I have never loved a software as much as ZBrush. I know that a lot of people is annoyed with the interface and think it is hard to learn, but it all comes down to all the fantastic things you can do with it. I also like that pixologic upgrades the software quite often and that the upgrades are free. I also think that the way the company thinks about their upgrades are really outside the box and gives the artists a lot of freedom. Email: d.bystedt@gmail.com Website: http://dbystedt.wordpress.com/
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