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Daniel Peteuil

ZBrushCentral username: dpeteuil

Resistance Fighter Turntable 1, 2, and 3 Contemplating a soldier character, I had thought up a near future/ alternate history character of perhaps a resistance fighter in a US v. Canada/ Commonwealth (revolutionary war round II?) conflict. Being from Michigan, I thought the Detroit/ Canada border may be an interesting setting. I decided to make one with some hap-hazard equipment, but also some nicer equipment he retrieved from fallen foes who presumably are better equipped. Tweed Jacket Bust Turntable 4 ARTIST'S PROFILE I’m a man, and I like to do things. I like to make things with other things. Things with form and shape and muscle and bone; things you can feel and contemplate and experience. As a 3d modeler, character artist, and sculptor, digitally and traditionally, this is what I do. Website: http://danielpeteuil.com/ Email: yansandp@gmail.com THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH When I first decided on a sculpting package, I chose Zbrush for constantly striving for innovation and intuitiveness as an artistic tool. It has yet to let me down, and even exceeds my expectations, and as such I can’t Imagine working without it.
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