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Daniele Angelozzi

ZBrushCentral username: danko75

Time Stop Turntables 1-4 this work, called Time Stop, was created for an online contest that required the creation of the baby version of some comics/manga of choice. I decided to go with the "Jojo's Bizarre Adventures" manga by Hiroiko Araki. The image depicts the main character and the villain of one of the comic's most famous chapter (sturdast crusaders), namely Jotaro Kujo and Dio Brando. Each character of this manga posses some sort of energy warrior called stand with its own distinguishing power, and the ones of the two characters (the world and the star platinum) have the capability to freeze the time. So, in their baby transposition, the time stop is depicted as a wall clock being destroyed during a particularly intense play (as a note, to create this image i was heavily inspired by my childhood memories, when i played with my brother and always ended up breaking something, an event that unleashed the wrath of our mother, that turned out into a scary demon :D. So as their mother discovers what happened and start turning into a fearful creature, they blame each other for the accident. On the contrary, their respective stands (the puppets behind them) claim the credit for the clock destruction. All the elements in the image are quotes from the manga and tributes to the author's original illustrations. The turntables show three of the main characters of the scene (Jojo untextured, and the polypainted version of the world and starplatinum) and one of the "bad company" soldiers. they were all modeled and sculpted inside of ZBrush using XSI to help build some of the base meshes, and the polypaint base was exported and refined/finalized adding patterned images and bumps inside of Mari. The Joker Turntable 5 and 6 This model was my entry for an italian online character creation contest about superheroes and villains. As I am a big fan of the Joker (and on the other side I don’t like so much the superheroes universe) my choice was easy. I tried to portray what i think is the real nature of this complex character, in which the evil is always mixed to a grotesque and somewhat funny madness...the type of villain that would make you laugh even if he is about to kill you. So I tried to add as many crazy elements as possible, both in terms of small details and general feel of the composition. This led me to the choice of the pose, with the model in the act of shooting his head with the classical joker toy gun, but with the flag that simply and unexplainably hangs on the other side of the head. going on with the composition I had fun revisiting it and adding more and more elements, like the smile contact lens, the buttons, the flower (a strange mix between carnation and radicchio) etc. All driven by this approach of trying to be as crazy and as fun as possible, but (as a famous quote of the joker says) "mad, not stupid". This general funny look was counterbalanced with the evil grimace, unveiling the evil nature of the character. This was also the first model in which I used the FiberMesh feature to create hairs, and I had real fun with the grooming process that is really simple and straightforward. This also gave me the possibility to render the entire composition using the built in BPR render with the LightCap feature. The clothes were realized using a hand painted tilable texture as displacement, saving me from having too dense meshes on those Subtools. ARTIST PROFILE I am an Italian freelancer working on various small projects ranging from video games to model prototyping. In 2009 I also became a ZBrush certified instructor and started to spread the word of this amazing software realizing free video tutorials visible in my own website www.d3d.it. Email: danko@d3d.it Website: http://www.d3d.it
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