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Darren Wallace

ZBrushCentral username: Darren Wallace

OctoWasp Turntables 1-5 I wanted to mix two animals together. I chose an octopus because I wanted to make a creature with tentacles and a wasp because they share a similar balloon like abdomen body shape. Thought it would be an easy yet cool mix. I made the base using ZSpheres then DynaMesh as I wanted to experiment with different shapes and it allowed me to rapidly add or subtract features on the fly at a low poly count without worrying about the topology yet. When it came time to make a clean low poly version I used ZRemesher, not for my final topology but a guide as how I should make it. When retopologizing a mesh I often wing it and hope all the EdgeLoops are clean in the end, but usually it involves a lot of back pedaling and changes which ultimately is a waste of time. ZRemesher gave me an excellent reference of how certain tricky areas can be handled. ARTIST PROFILE My name is Darren Wallace. I am from Melbourne Australia. I've always loved being creative since I was a boy. In 2013 I graduated from JMC Academy where I studied digital animation (Hi Kim!). Since I began playing with 3D software this hobby turned into an obsession and I knew I had to try to make a career of it. I'm only fresh out of studying so I'm yet to break into the industry. I do some 3D generalist freelance work here and there but my main priority at the moment is to build up my portfolio and of course, ZBrush will be used to create 99.9% of it. Email: darrenwallace3d@gmail.com Website: darrenwallace3d.com Website: www.facebook.com/DarrenWallaceDigitalArtist THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH As much as I loved designing and modeling characters and creatures I also dreaded the task of manually pushing verts around. ZBrush dissolves such tasks when all I want to do is create and not have to plan and problem solve with all the technical problems with poly modeling, a creative buzz kill. I was hooked on ZBrush the first time I tried it. For the first few months I was using a mouse with it and still loved it! Then my beautiful girlfriend Christy gave me a drawing tablet as a gift, then my ZBrush experience reached new heights. ZBrush is truly an amazing artist friendly tool. Also the community in ZBrushCentral is so supportive and helpful. I'm still amazed at how fast ZBrush is evolving with every release. Although there have been many great additions to ZBrush, dynamesh is my favorite feature to date. Happy ZBrush'ing everyone!
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