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David Jankes

ZBrushCentral username: Yeenke

Zombie Miner Turntable 1 This is a character for my personal portfolio. I tried to model some kind of zombie, because in this time i can see zombie stuffs everywhere around and it inspire me a lot. This model was done in 4 days. ARTIST PROFILE I started my passion about computer graphic on high school of applied art. After i started my professional career. I am in game industry for more than 6 years. I started as a freelancer. As freelancer i worked on games like Oblivion/psp/, Motor Strom pacific rift, Air Conflict secret wars. After I went to 2kczech where i worked as a character artist on Mafia 2, dlc's and Top spin 4. Right now i work for Vatra games where I worked on SIlent Hill Downpour. Email: yeenke@gmail.com Website: www.yeenke.com THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH I think that ZBrush is really powerful tool for my everyday work. I can put a lot of details in my characters by this program. I am a big fan of traditional clay sculpting so ZBrush is really very similar.
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