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David Richardson

ZBrushCentral username: davidness

Shoe Turntable 1 This shoe is commercial work I collaborated with for Mizuno. I did the High-res modeling and surfacing, and preparing the shoe for shading was all done in zbrush. I used many and maybe even all features such as Shadow Box, extract, UVMaster, Dynamesh, surface and also a curve brush. More can be seen like the commercial I worked on at my website. Scarlett and Snake Eyes (G.I.JOE) Turntable 2 and 3 I was inspired to make my own figurines of these cartoon characters that I used to watch as a kid. These characters are not my own and are only done for my personal work to improve my skills in sculpting. I started sculpting these models from simple mannequins (ZSpheres) with DynaMesh. ARTIST'S PROFILE I'm a professional freelance character artist and generalist based in the UK. I have worked and continue to offer my skills in the advertising, film and games industry including the miniatures and toys industry. I have always been inspired by so many artists on the internet and I really like to look at my friends artworks and concept arts . I am constantly learning everyday and always preparing for my next big project! Email: zdavidrichardson@gmail.com Website: www.inspiredpogi.com THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH ZBrush is my weapon of choice in dealing with many of my modeling and texturing challenges. It is just so much fun to work with. You can just sculpt anything you want and as an artist I think this is very important. I love it! Thank you Pixologic! 
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