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Dennis Mejillones

ZBrushCentral username: VSIONS

UNDEAD WARRIOR Turntable 1, 2, 3 I started this project with the intention of producing a cinematic quality character to add to my demo reel. I began the character base in 3d max as a simple yet animatable mesh and added all the details in zbrush. I also painted my base textures in zbrush and exported them to photoshop to finish them off. I decided to export most of the parts at the second sub division level for rigging so that my silouhets would stay as true to the high poly zbrush model in max when using displacement. It was ultimately rendered in mental ray. UNTITLED Turntable 4, 5, 6, 7 This piece was started in 3D Max, as a base model. I wanted this piece to be a learning experience for me as I practiced the techniques and principals for anatomy and sculpting as described by Scott Eaton. Based on his examples, I used a very high subdivision level and the clay tubes brush to build up the anatomical detail. I also made use of the standard, smooth, inflate, pinch and slash brushes. I later used the transpose master to reposition the character based on some feedback from the zbrush community and a couple of friends. Finally I used the extract tool to create the seams and a couple of other parts on the body. I will be posting a more detailed breakdown on zbrush central. ARTIST'S PROFILE As a 3D artist, I am always trying to better myself both artistically and technically. Although I greatly enjoy sculpting in general, I have taken a deep interest in learning anatomy and have been inspired by the incredibly talented zbrush and cg community in general to try and create some work of my own that will hopefully inspire others as well. I enjoy zbrush very much and think it has really allowed the 3d artist to truly excel and progress by allowing a high degree of creative freedom with its amazing range of tools. I think it is excellent as well that Pixologic provides so many resources to help inspire and teach all cg artists.   Website: www.pixelrapture.com
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