ZBrush 3D Turntables
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Eric Keller

ZBrushCentral username: robotball

Wasp Turntables 1 and 2 The wasp turntable is a model I created that depicts a hypothetical extinct species of desert wasp that lives on cactus in the late cretaceous period. The model in this turntable is featured in a short film I am working on. Thalian Bee Turntables 3 and 4 The Thalian Bee is a fictional bee-like insect (aka the "Ugly Bug") from the distant planet Thales where arthropods rule. I took inspiration from macro photography as well as my own study of entomology. The Spider War Turntables 5 - 7 The spider war is a result of goofing around with some spider models I created. I thought it might be fun to paint them like World War 2 tanks and pose them as if they were in a great battle. The full model is a tribute to the dioramas of famous tank battles my brother used to make when were were kids. I used a toon type material to make it look almost like an illustration. ARTIST PROFILE I am a professional CG artist with 14 year experience. I use ZBrush every day to create scientific illustrations and animations. I have written several books and authored several DVDs on ZBrush. I currently teach introduction to ZBrush at the Gnomon School of Visual effects in Hollywood. In my spare time I use ZBrush to create creatures (mostly insects) and environments for my own short films. Email: bloopatone@gmail.com Website: www.bloopatone.com THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH This software is a huge part of my life and career. Using ZBrush I have been able to create hundreds of detailed models that depict complex scientific concepts in ways that would be very difficult using other software. Along with that, of course, ZBrush is just plain fun to use!
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