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Fareed Dridi

ZBrushCentral username: FareeD_D

Arzak Turntable 1 and 2 The aim was to provide a personal version of Moebius Arzak, and try to transpose this mysterious character in a world of Heroic Fantasy game. This is my tribute to the Great Jean Giraud aka Moebius (1938-2012). Wolowitz Turntable 3 and 4 This is a fan sculpt of H.Wolowitz one of the hilarious characters from the TV Show "Big Bang Theory". Very inspiring. I used the Dynamesh and the Clay Build up brush to make the sculpt. Love this feeling, it's really like doing clay modeling. I made the sculpt and the polypaint on my spare time in 2 days. ARTIST PROFILE Born in 1979 on the French Riviera, Fareed discovers early on that his destiny is linked to the Film and Entertainment industry. He joins the ESRA Group in the Computer graphics department and goes from drawing to 3D, from dream to reality. A few short films later, still in search of new experiences, he decides to leave for Lyon, historic area in the video game industry, in order to have a taste of the real-time constraints. He has been honing his skills of Model-Texture Artist for nearly six years in the video game industry. He's a now a freelance character artist and co-founder on the GFactory, a collective of 2D / 3D graphic artists who specializes in graphical outsourcing, in the fields of video games, VFX and figurines. Email: fareed@the-gfactory.com Website: http://fareed-blogparty.blogspot.fr Website: www.the-gfactory.com/#!__fareed THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH I'm a ZBrush Addict. I think it's really the most powerful sculpting software. If one day, in polypainting, we can have the same type of layers and tools of photoshop ( multiply, overlay, levels, etc..) it will be the best 3D software ever.. Maybe soon..
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