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Federico Scarbini

ZBrushCentral username: LODENFACTORY

Ethereal Filcher Turntable 1 This model was made for a contest that has as theme "Fantasy Creatures". I choosed as subject an illustration taken from Dangeous & Dragons Monsters Manual of this creature called Ethereal Filcher since I always love its gestures and look. ZENOTH, THE ALIEN FROM JUPITER Turntable 2-5 In this personal project I wanted to design my own view of an alien creature. The base mesh were done in 3ds Max, I then sculpted it in Zbrush. Once the model were completed I retopologized it for animation and exported back to Max for rendering using the normal map generated with Zbrush and hand painted texture. REPTODUCTOR Turntable 6-7 I imagined this fantasy creature living in a swampy forest, sort of legendary creatures. The reproductors breed is settled in shacks that in the centuries have been stack up so much that now seems to be a unique huge temple. The modeling process was the same as for the "Zenoth" project. STRONG CEREBRUS Turntable 8 This creature head started as a doodle form a Zsphere that I then retopologized once the main forms had been established. ARTIST'S PROFILE I'm a self-taught 3D modeler living in Italy. In the past years I've always been trying to push my skills studying anatomy, drawing, modeling and focusing on the organic forms and the expressions of the human body. As a complementary task in my sculpting works I mainly model from original concept, this way I have the opportunity to establish a deeper understanding of the logic behind a character both conceptual and anatomical. Email: fede@federicoscarbini.com   Website: http://www.federicoscarbini.com
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