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Javier Edo Meseguer

2009 Turntable Gallery Contest Winner

ZBrushCentral username: EXAVI

MID-AGE AVERAGE MALE I love doing characters like this one, its ok and easier to model super-strong bodybuilder like characters that you can get tons of references from, but, at least for me, its harder to model average type characters, where you have to go with a lot of guess work, and trying to showcase the muscles underneath in a more subtle way... (this is just my personal point of view) For this model was hard to find references, since everything I found both on my anatomy books and on the internet were strong young guys... so I had to go with some photos from people at the beach. I started working on him with a simple basemesh that I use that is good for sculpting, worked the lower levels with the Move brush, then some Clay Tubes and Standard also. When I was happy with the way it was going I retopologized it with Polyboost and I went back to ZBrush with the detail transferred to the new mesh on a not-so-high-level mesh. I reconstructed the lower on ZBrush levels and continued to work on it until I had something interesting, Then I added some passes of detail work, some done by hand, and some others by alphas. I posed the model with Transpose, on a layer. OLD LEAN BODY TYPE MAN This model was clearly inspired by the caracter of 'Don Quixote' by Miguel de Cervantes. This piece its nothing more than a skinny somewhat-old man in a "show off" semi-forced-pose, which makes him look even more pathetic, the challenging part of this piece was trying to make his face believable without falling in adding too much "cartoon-ish" features by trying to make him look that crazy/pathetic... I used lots of references for this one, from any kind of media, the one that I liked the most was my main reference, "Viejo desnudo al sol" one of the most famous works of Mariano Fortuny, a Spanish painter. This painting can be found in the "Museo del Prado" in Madrid (Spain) YOUNG FEMALE MODEL This girl was also the first female model that I did. Female models have a lot of subtleties that just by not noticing about them can turn ugly a good looking model. Its not that good exaggerating the anatomical issues on female models, I think that the trick for these models is, If you think something is a little exaggerated, smooth it a little, if you think its fine, smooth it a little bit more... and so on. For this model I also did my usual workflow, first sculpting a simple basemesh focusing on proportions, then I retopologized it, then I transferred the details and cleaned the transferred details, then imported it into ZBrush, and worked on higher levels. Finally I posed her with transpose on a new layer. KONG BUST (WITH HAIR) See below KONG BUST (WITHOUT HAIR) I started this model with a really simple basemesh since I was in a rush to finish my reel and I needed to include something non-human I decided to go for this big guy, since a human head is actually the evolution of the monkey I took the head of one of the other models from my reel and worked the lower levels to make it look like a gorilla. In this phase I use mostly the Move brush, I think that for lower levels and proportions is the best tool you can use. In order to archieve the correct shape in this lower level, coming from a human basemesh, I had several photos of gorilla skulls compared to human ones. When I had these lower levels worked I found some good references from Miles Teves and I started sculpting looking at these refs. For this second phase I use a combination of Standard, Clay Tubes, Inflate/Magnify and some Move brush. When I was happy with the result I retopologized it with Polyboost and Baked the displacement map between both and then transferred the detail to the new mesh, while I was still on a mid-level. Then I went back to ZBrush for fine tuning and final details, on the last phase I used Standard, Pinch and some Clay Tubes. For the version with fur I worked a little bit on the medium levels with some clay tubes and detailed it on the higher ones with the Standard with Lazymouse set on and a spacing of 0.05. ARTIST'S PROFILE I am a recent Computer Science Engineering graduate who enjoys sculpting characters just for fun. I started doing 3D when I was back in High School for fun and I continued doing so while studing at University, now I have just finished my modeling reel and I am going to start looking for a job as a modeler in the VFX industry. THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH When I work in ZBrush I like to start from really simple basemeshes, I don't really care much about the topology of these meshes at the beginning of each sculpt, my normal workflow with ZBrush goes like this: first I always try to find the proportions and the anatomical structure of the model that I'm working on, then I usually take the upper subdivision level and I retopologize it on another software, trying to take into account the most correct edge flow for deformations, then I transfer the detail to the new meshes by extracting the displacement maps and displacing the new mesh. Finally I import the recent displaced, fresh topology, meshes and reconstruct the lower levels of subdivision, I clean the weirdo-things that might appear during the detail transfer and then I do several passes of detail, first doing some handmade detail, then some alpha detail. I do not do usually microdetail in my models, since I find it quite boring, but if I have to I prefer to do more handmade detail instead of alphamade since it makes your piece "stand out" a little bit more.   Website: http://www.javieredo.com - http://exavi.cgsociety.org
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