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Joe Dela Torre

ZBrushCentral username: Jmunkee29

Remi Turntables 1 and 2 Swamp Thing Turntable 3 ARTIST PROFILE My name is Joe Dela Torre. I've loved art as far back as I can remember! It manifested from doing doodles here and there in class back in 3rd grade to actually doing it as a career. I got my degree in Media Arts and Animation in California. I started in the game industry back in 2008 and then eventually made the switch over to TV Animation. When all the jobs head over seas, I think i'll switch over to catfish hand-fishing. I hear those are always in demand! Email: joe@joedelatorre.net Website: www.joedelatorre.net THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH What did I do before ZBrush? Oh thats right, I was pushing and pulling verts! ZBrush has really sped up my overall workflow. ZBrush gives artists so much freedom, it has gotten rid of the technical barriers that usually intimidate people about 3D. It just gets better and better with each version release! Thank you Pixologic!
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