ZBrush 3D Turntables
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John Strieder

ZBrushCentral username: John Strieder

Iquishi Turntable 1 The Iquishies are a small alien folk. Unable to move their bodies on their own, they have to use mechas to walk, work and collect food. Coming from polygonal modeling, I've tried more than before to do nearly all the work in ZBrush. The Basemesh is very simple (for example, simple cylinders for the legs). Besides the Move-Brush, I've used mostly the Standard Brush and its modes like Drag-Dot for placing Alphas, Spray for making surface noise and Lazy Mouse. Also Masking with Inflate and a bit Projection Master. With Transpose it was very easy to position the legs and the grab arms. Soliloquy (Pain) Turntables 2 and 3 With this work I wanted to take a step away from polygonal modeling and thus didn't spend much attention to the Basemesh. It is also an excercise in facial expression. No special technique was used, I just worked from large detail to small detail, always correcting the shape during the progress. Texturing was done via Polypaint. Artist Profile John Strieder is a 3D artist and an ambitious composer. Currently he is freelancing for Aixsponza and working on various projects, like Stills, Animations, his Compositions and the colaborative experimental music project "Indifferent Magma". Thoughts on ZBrush ZBrush is 3D Revolution! Email: johnstrieder@gmx.net Website: www.johnstrieder.com
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