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Jose Alves da Silva

ZBrushCentral username: zeoyn

Bridge Worker Turntable 1 Tom Baker Turntable 2 Mr. Walthersnap Turntable 3 Margo Turntable 4 Kyrgztst Turntable 5 Eddie Turntable 6 Turntables 1-6 designed for the Bold Machines project Margo Movie. General Rhino Turntable 7 and 8 The Rhino general was created for a detailed tutorial comissioned by 3DTotal for an upcoming 3DCreative magazine. The focus of the tutorial was to show the workflow of an artist using the new tools available in ZBrush4R2. This ZBrush release truly revolutionized my working pipeline, and I ended up using the new tools like Dynamesh, Curves, NoiseMaker, LightCaps, etc. in 80% of the process. Soldier and Chompbot Pilot Turntable 9 and 10 Figures created for Industria Mechanika with the concept of the talented Jake Parker (aka Agent44). These will be available as kits for assembling and painting. ARTIST'S PROFILE I am a freelance character artist and 3D illustrator. I have a degree in Architecture and the first years of my career were dedicated to architectural visualization. However, soon I understood that my passion was character creation and the turning point was when I won the First Prize Master Award at CGSociety's XXIV Challenge. Since then, I have been working in the fields of advertising, games and film. Recently, I have also been developing a lot of work for the toy industry using rapid prototyping (3D printing) combined with ZBrush. Email: joalvessilva@netcabo.pt Website: http://www.artofjose.com THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH ZBrush as become the main tool in my working pipeline. Pixologic has been developing a product that is breaking the technical barriers with each release. One is no longer constrained at the concept stage allowing for experimentation which naturally leads to a more refined concept. More and more it is important for the artist to develop his art skills. I thank Pixologic for creating a tool that allows the artist to be an artist again.
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