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Kenny Carmody

ZBrushCentral username: isaac_zou

Head Study Sculpt Turntable 1 This is a head anatomy study sculpt, which is completely made in ZBrush. This one started out using the DynaMesh Feature. Textured and Fibers also made in ZBrush. The Spotlight feature is one of the best ways on texturing high quality models and achieving the best results. BPR render with a custom made shader for the skin. War Elephant Turntable 2 The War Elephant was made in ZBrush, 3dsMax and Photoshop. Started out with a Concept DynaMesh Sculpt, using the CurveTube, InsertBrushes and MultipleTube Brushes in ZBrush 4R3. After doing the highpoly I retopood the model in 3ds Max and exported it out to ZBrush to do the final High Poly Sculpt. Will defiantly going to texture him as soon as possible. The model contained different types of amazing tools in ZBrush like the shadowbox feature, projection tool and several other exquisite tools which are only in ZBrush. ZBrush is defiantly the best choice on doing high poly models. Future Priest Turntable 3 The Future Priest was made for a 3D Challenge over at CGHUB.com and made first place with it. The FuturePriest was completely done in ZBrush, no other tools required doing that. Started out with a Concept Sculpt with DynaMesh. All the assets are made in ZBrush as well using ShadowBox and other features. The model is quite rich in details and the HD-Geometry helped me out on that one big time. BioMech Concept Sculpt Turntable 4 This is my entry for a 3D Creature Planet Challenge over at CGHUB.com. The task was to develop a Bio Mech Creature. The model was completely sculpted and rendered in ZBrush and the detailed assets and body parts are made with ShadowBox and InsertBrushes. InsertBrushes are great to get a first look at the proportions and everything. Hope you all enjoy. MechSoldier Turntable 5 This is one of my first HardSurface Sculpts in ZBrush 4R3. Completely done in ZBrush using DynaMesh, Clip Brushes and all the great HardSurface Brushed like the TrimDynamic, HPolish, Planar Brush and so on. The bottom part was completely sculpted without symmetry and polypainted it with textures via spotlight and normal Polypaint. It is great developing your own style because in ZBrush, you can do both Organic as well as HardSurface work and that is great. Tyrannosaurs Turntable 6 This TRex was my fourth time doing a dinosaur. I really had such great time doing this one. All started out again with a concept sculpt in ZBrush using the ZSphere to get the posing right. Afterwords I turned it into a DynaMesh and did my sculpt on it. The model is completely sculpted without symmetry on and it defiantly was a little tricky doing the pose just in ZBrush. But the Powerful move tools will give you a great freedom doing what you wanted as an end result. Sculpted, Posed and Rendered in ZBrush. Hope you all enjoy. Water Monster Turntable 7 This is an ocean creature which is all made in ZBrush. Started out with a ZSphere doing the body, afterwords I did an overall proportion sculpt to get the silhouette right. After that I did my high poly sculpt using some Alphas for skin details, since this is a deep creature from the bottom of the ocean. Polypainted and rendered in ZBrush as well. Hope you all enjoy. ARTIST PROFILE I am Kenny Carmody, a young, motivated and inspired student, who wants to be a Character Artist in the Game and Movie Industry. I fell in love with what I am doing and that is ZBrush. I keep on improving my skills so that I can be a professional 3D Character/Creature artist. After having a great instructor in ZBrush for one week, I went home straight away and downloaded the 30 day trial version and I fell in love with it immediately. I am mainly self-taught in ZBrush. I started out using ZBrush 9 months ago and now I just can't stop using it. It’s definitely the most efficient tool. I am currently a graduate from the Macromedia Academy of Digital Media in Munich, for two years. I was drawn into the world of CGI by the endless possibilities to create anything that comes to your imagination, and since then I’ve been striving to improve my skills as an artist. My childhood was filled with many inspired people and environments. Over the coming years this lead to many forms of expression, such as character drawing, 3D sculpting, and especially the 3D world. Website: http://kennycarmody-art.blogspot.com/ Website: http://kc-production.cghub.com/ Email: mail@kennycarmody.com THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH ZBrush is a perfect tool for artists to develop their own designs and style. ZBrush made me think completely different of the CG world and if you compare it to all the other 3D applications, there is no doubt that there is nothing like it. The tool is the leading software in doing Next-Gen High detailed Character Art, Environment and Asset creation. There is nothing compared to it, the features it has, just to mention one "DynaMesh", is just a new era in the sculpting phase. I am using this great tool in almost every workflow and production pipeline I’m working on, if I have to do characters from concept to final, or doing environment art with the surface tools or just do asset creation. It is all done in one program. If Picasso and all the great sculptors were alive, their tool would definitely be ZBrush for sure. Thanks to the complete Pixologic Team for inventing and bringing out such an amazing software.
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