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Khalid Abdulla Al-Muharraqi

ZBrushCentral username: khalid72

Chimera Turntable 1 I was asked to design a character for a client 'Newtek' and that was to create a creature that is very complex, with many heads, wings, tails etc., so that it will be very complex for rigging, Zbrush on the other hand helped me to be able to create my complex concept as close to my original sketches as possible. The Chimera is an old creature monster and many artist have done there different impressions of the creature... this was simply mine. ARTIST PROFILE Khalid Muharraqi was born in Bahrain in 1972. His father is Abdulla Al Muharraqi who is one of the region's pre-eminent artists. Having inherited his father's talents but with a wide variety of interests, he studied photography and interior design at the Art Institute of Houston in the early 90's. It was at that point that he became fascinated with using computers in developing design concepts. He soon became a member of the Society of Illustrators and worked with a number of the leading international advertising companies in the Gulf when he completed his studies. Eventually, he established his own company and had many successes winning awards for some of his advertising campaigns. After seven years however, he decided to leave behind the commercial sphere for more creative pastures; that was when Muharraqi Studios was born. In the short time that he has been developing his skills in 3D animation, Khalid has become one of the leading CG Artists in the region as well as gaining international recognition for his work. Aside from winning awards and getting numerous posts on websites and magazines around the world, Khalid's skills have been sought after to create 3D visualizations of some of the major architectural developments in the Kingdom of Bahrain. His long term goals are to make an animated movie and is involved in a number of projects, both locally and in Hollywood, but there are no limits to what can be done. The nature of the industry is continually evolving with the rapid rate of technological development and could drive us into a direction we cannot even imagine today. "maybe: "my mission is to get the world to change to the better and to make it a happier and more colorful environment for us all. Things will not change until we try to change them. We are the future and the time has come to step up and become it. Art has no skin or religion or belief. It should always be beautiful and that is what I aim for." Email: mihai_daranga@yahoo.com Website: www.muharraqi-studios.com THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH Well I've been using ZB for the last six now years and I've found that is it such a unique but important tool to have in my work flow, as it ads life freedom creativity to any work I do, as an artist I don't want to even imagine how my work will be without having these amazing innovative tool at the tips of my fingers. my thanks to the team of Pixologic for the continues innovation and taking us into the future of art.
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