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Martin Beyer

ZBrushCentral username: PITCHEPUCK

HEDGEHOG Turntable 1 This was a model I did for the Pixologic Action Hero Contest 2009 TERMINATOR Turntable 2, 3 For this model I used the smooth group Import plugin. I started in ZBrush with a rough model, which I exported to 3Ds Max where I did some corrections and put smoothing groups on it. Back in ZBrush the smoothing groups helped me to get perfect borders on the model. All details were sculpted in ZBrush. ALIEN BABY Turntable 4 This was an old idea I had in mind for years. Base mesh was done with ZSpheres and I used Transpose Master for posing. ARTIST'S PROFILE I was working as airbrush artist for seven years befor I started working as 3D artist. Since 2008 I work for a company (exDream) in Germany as a character artist, but I also do freelance jobs too! I do 3D characters and creatures for vidiogames, visual effects and concepts. Email: pitchepuck@t-online.de - info@b-visual.de   Website: www.b-visual.de
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