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Matthew Kean

ZBrushCentral username: Framedworld

Adventurer Turntable 1 This model was completely blocked out from a sphere using the same technique on the Alien Merchant character I sent a long (the thing with the fez). Each piece was extracted and DynaMeshed, later to be QRemeshed so that the figure was production ready. Alien Merchant Turntable 2 and 3 With the release of the new beta came new challenges, and new tools, the one tool I gravitated towards (as seen on the website's page and ZClassroom) was the new QRemesher. The idea of automatic and influenced retopology excited me. I wanted to see what I could push and what I could do in a day. What you are looking at has been rendered in maya, however this character started from a sphere and at NO TIME, was any thing but ZBRUSH used in the modeling, texturing, UVing, retopologizing, etc. of this character. Bellhop Turntable 4 Hour Sketch from a Sphere, a "lunch Crunch" Took another half hour to create the shaders within BPR. Granny Turntable 5 Another lunch crunch, I took an old model of mine I did way back of a man laughing. It was honestly just a gestural sketch. I decided to take an hour and half to finish it. The model itself took about an hour of additional work, and then 30 min to set up materials and render. Hulkenstein Turntable 6 another lunch crunch from a sphere, whose concept was inspired by a 2D quick sketch by Bart Tiongson. A combo of Hulk and frankenstein, designed for print. Militant Turntable 7 Yet another quick sketch, but I continued this one for another day, attempting to hone in on that "look" More of a shader study than anything else. Trying to push BPR further, and my understanding of it with it. Monkey Deer Turntable 8 My own creature, that came about from a sketch done on my mobile phone. Starting with a sphere, and only taking about an hour and half the whole scene was something I found interesting considering the design of the character. ARTIST PROFILE Matthew Kean is a character artist and digital modeler in the New York area. He has worn a lot of hats from Teacher to Lead Digital Sculptor, and has done work for both print and digital media including TV, Movie and toy industries. He teaches 3D design, is a beta artist for pixologic and actively engages in freelance for all commercial arts industries. If interested please contact him by his website. Email: mattk.artist@gmail.com Website: www.matthewkean.com THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH You guys have paragraphs from me that I've written while on beta. My love of ZBrush is one I do not shy away from. I started in Maya but it was adaptation of ZBrush that I credit with my success and work. I owe Pixologic my portfolio. ZBrush has become my all inclusive tool, and I find it rare now to leave it while doing personal work. I can generate a fully production ready character asset in a matter of hours, which is something that can't be said of other packages out there. ZBrush is my bread and butter, it is my medium of choice, and is one I see more and more as I interact with companies.
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