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Maximilian-Gordon Vogt

ZBrushCentral username: GORDON-V

HUNTER Turntable 1, 2, 3 The hunter was created for the HunterChallenge at evolve3d.net as well as for my demoreel at VFS. I modeled him in Tpose, and posed him later with Transpose master. Since I wasn't planing a different pose or animation, the ZBrush workflow was much faster than building a complicated rig for him. All the hard suface parts where build in XSI and later scratched up in ZBrush. The body was Sculpted from a base mesh. Subtoolmaster saved me with handling all those subtools. I also painted his body entirely in ZBrush. I enjoyed the sculpting part the most. Without ZBrush I wouldn't been able to create that guy. LIZ Turntable 4, 5, 6 Liz is also a part of my VFS demoreel project. I build a sphere basemesh for her and did retopology in XSI after I sculpted her. I used the same workflow for her. I sculpted her body and build the clothing on top of it using XSI and ZBrush. The extract mesh feature was very helpful for that. For the retopology process I used Decimation Master, which speed up my workflow in XSI. CAT DUDE Turntable 7 FEMALE STUDY Turntable 8 MALE STUDY Turntable 9 GUARDIAN Turntable 10 MAN BAT Turntable 11 NEW AVALON Turntable 12 RUFUS Turntable 13 ARTIST'S PROFILE Hey ZBC community! My name is Max, and I am currently studying 3dAnimation&VFX at the Vancouver Film School. Before that I worked in the advertisement industry for almost 2 years, back in Germany. I am a generalist, but specializing on Character modeling and sculpting. Two years ago I started playing around with ZBrush and started loving it from that day on! So I went to ZBC and started my sketchbook. And Im still posting on that one. Its nice to look back and see where I came from, to see were the community pushed me. Right now Im finishing my Modeling Demoreel here at VFS. After that I like to work in the game or film industry as a Character artist. THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH ZBrush enables me creating Characters in a timeframe that it would never be able for me to do in a normal 3d app. I hope Pixologic keeps pushing it as they used to. I could not work without it anymore! Email: 3d79max@Vfs.com   Website: http://maxvogt.carbonmade.com - www.gordon-v.de
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