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Maxime Dauphinais

ZBrushCentral username: MightyReg

Renekton Turntable 1, 2 and 3 This model was an entry for a sculpting contest under the theme of Fan Art. It finished in third place, but I felt I could improve it much more given the time. This character concept comes from Riot Games, and is inspired by the egyptian god Sobek. It tried to make him look brutal and savage, and spent a good amount of time making the scales flow with the lines of human muscles, to make it more believable. ARTIST PROFILE I am a 3D Artist from Montreal working in the 3D industry since about 3 years. So far I've worked as a Layout Artist on games like Mortal Kombat and Injustice: Gods Among Us. I spend lots of free time sharpening my modeling skills, and hope to get a full-time modeling job in the future. Email: maximedauphinais@hotmail.com Website: www.maximedauphinais.moonfruit.com THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH ZBrush is the 3D program I enjoy working the most with, and is also the one where I'm the most comfortable. When I finished studying in 2009, I had only learned traditional modeling with Maya, and felt pretty limited in what I could model. When I got my first job as a Layout Artist, I saw each week the wonders that the Modeling Team next to me could do with ZBrush. That's when I decided to buy ZBrush, and I use it ever since on all my personal models. Sculpting with ZBrush feels very natural, it is fast to model with, and the awesome free updates coming from the Pixologic team makes this program worth every penny.
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