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Mihai Daranga

ZBrushCentral username: BUSNISMANPATRIOT

Alien Turntable 1 and 2 Birdman Turntable 3 and 4 Donia Turntable 5 Gerula Turntable 6, 7, 8 and 9 All my characters are started from a sphere and done 100% in ZBrush: from modeling, using DynaMesh, retopo using auto retopo, UV's using UV master, and poly paint. I spend at least 1 hour per day to speed sculpt. All the characters from turntables are characters that I began as a speed sculpt, but after that I spent some more sessions on them in order to retopo them, make UV's, polypaint and pose them (I was inspire by a Neville Page Workshop "Behind the Iron Curtain 2" where he pass through all this process from speed sculpt polypaint to the beauty shot in 2 days). I record almost all my session and I share it with the ZBrush community. The fact that I can record my speed sessions turned out to be a great help for me. It helped me to improve my ability to develop new ideas and also to improve my sculpts. ARTIST PROFILE My name is Mihai Daranga I've worked in the game industry since 2001 as a 3d Generalist, Senior Character Artist, 3D Animator, and Lead Character Artist. I was a sucker for polygonal (organic) modeling :) Until ZBrush come along and changed my way of thinking in terms of organic and hard surface modeling :) I always have a soft spot for fine arts (traditional sculpting and drawing). Email: mihai_daranga@yahoo.com Website: mihaid.cghub.com THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH Well I can not begin to describe how much ZBrush changed (improved) my way of thinking in terms of modeling, because everything seems so easy to do, when I am in ZBrush I get the feeling that I can do anything without being afraid to mess my sculpt. Everything is fixable at one stroke distance :)
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