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Oliver Pabilona

ZBrushCentral username: Rhythem02

Alien Bust Turntable 1 This is the Alien Bust the I recently Finished. I started many personal projects, but I haven't find the time or the inspiration to finish them. The n one time I was just browsing for good concept art and found a 2D Illustration. I fell in love with the details and mood that it has and it's fairly easy to do since it's just a bust. So I did it, I added my own touch to it, like the back all those are original since the 2D Illustration is only in front view. What's funny about this is I didn't who the 2D artist behind the illustration. Later I found out that it Kory Hubbell, I already one of his concept the "Locus Helmet". Everything is done in ZBrush from sculpting to lighting and Rendering, then composited in Photoshop. Roman Archer Turntable 2 ARTIST PROFILE Hi I'm Oliver Pabilona, using the artist Rhythem02. I started 3D since college, but only took it seriouly as a profession just 4 to 5 years ago. My strengths are Characters, from medieval to recent to futuristic; I also like to sculpt Mechs; lately, I'm also trying to learn to sculpt monsters and aliens, this Alien Bust is just the beginning. Right now I'm working as a freelance character artist. But I hope to soon find a game company where I could part of a AAA game title. That would be fun. =) Website: http://rhythem02.cghub.com Email: olvr_pbln@yahoo.com THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH ZBrush helped a lot of starting artists to just unleash their potential. Before I learned about ZBrush I have to learn both the technical and artistic aspect at the same time using the usual 3D packages. That is quite difficult specially for a starting artist. But now with ZBrush they can sculpt right away with just a few hours of basic tutorial, and just have fun, and learn all the things that I think are very essential. They can learn all the technical stuff from other 3D Packages later, just have fun right now with ZBrush. =)
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