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Oluf W. Hartvigson

ZBrushCentral username: SkulptorGeist

Batman Family Statues: Robin & Catwoman I created the base mesh in another software package, then I used ZBrush to pose, model and add the detail to all aspects of the figures and the base.  Transpose Master and masking were very handy in achieving the poses and the detail.  After all is said and done, the efficient use of computer resources while achieving amazing levels of detail places ZBrush at the top of my software choices for my current work flow. Artist's Profile After earning a BFA in sculpture from Boston University and an MFA in art from the University of Michigan, I sculpted for make-up and animatronics in LA for a couple years.   In 1993 I got a break into sculpting Action Figures and Collectibles, moved back to my favorite place to play and began sculpting freelance full-time from my studio here.  In 2002 a college and friend introduced me to Digital modeling.  Since that time, I have been modeling figures, animals, creatures, and environments for toys, collectibles, and premiums companies.  Anatomy, skeletal vs. soft tissue, gesture of forms are my primary interest before moving on to surface detail.  I have been using ZBrush in my work flow extensively for the past 3 years. Email: olufwh@gmail.com Website: hartvigsonstudios.com, skulptorgeist.cgsociety.org/gallery
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