ZBrush 3D Turntables
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Paul Massey

ZBrushCentral username: Zeclipse

Kaos Knight Turntables 1 - 3 This model was created as a personal project to try and improve my workflow when dealing with multiple sub tools. All modeling was done with ZBrush. I began by using a DynaMesh sphere, which was then roughly shaped using the various Trim and Clip brushes before polishing into shape. Each piece of armor is its own separate subtool, much like in reality, which helped me to be able to pose the character through using Transpose Master. The armor was detailed using custom alphas I made. I also made use of several of the fantastic Badking.au insert mesh brushes, which were extremely useful. ARTIST PROFILE I am currently employed with one of the world's largest advertising agencies where I work in the motion graphics department as a 3D Designer, mainly using Cinema 4D, and now also ZBrush. I have worked in the creative industry for 23 years, and have been using 3D software for 6 years.  I have always been keen on character design and creation, and have spent the last couple of years learning ZBrush. This model is my first attempt at a fully designed and modeled figure and am honored to have my work included here. Email: paul@eclipsecgi.com Twitter: @PaulMassey1 Website: http://www.behance.net/eclipse-cgi THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH When I first discovered ZBrush and saw some of the wonderful work being done I felt completely overawed. The Top Row gallery is so incredibly good. The forums, the classrooms, the support, all are top class. Pixologic have nailed it! I love to illustrate, and I love to make 3D models… ZBrush lets me do all this, and much more, seamlessly.
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