ZBrush 3D Turntables
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Paul Quinton

ZBrushCentral username: Jigje

Ganesh Turntable 1 and 2 This is a model of Ganesh. I always liked the image since I was a boy and decided to model it in Zbrush, just for fun and as a learning exercise. The body was completely pulled out of a Dynamesh sphere. I've been away from Zbrush for a while and so that was my first experiment with Dynamesh. Unbelievable! Great fun. His crown was made with ZSketch and many ornaments such as the axe, lotus flower and jewelry were produced in shadowbox. I tried to use as many different features in Zbrush as I could to speed the learning process. All the features I used were learnt from Pixologic's website using the videos in ZClassroom. I downloaded them and have watched them over and over and still pickup new tips that I missed previously. ARTIST PROFILE I have practiced meditation for years and many of the visualizations we do are quite beautiful. I have always dreamt of replicating these wonderful mental images in 3D both to familiarize myself further with the symbolism and as an aid to new comers who can have difficulty visualizing in 3D and color. I started ZBrushing a few years ago but as I had absolutely no artistic background, training or natural ability I couldn't get what was in my mind onto the canvas so I decided to learn to draw first. I put ZBrush aside for a short time and filled a few sketchbooks as well as learning to use Photoshop for digital painting. When I recently returned to Zbrush, I was amazed to find that I can produce the image that is in my mind with little effort or technical interference with ZBrushes incredible tools and features. I have a long way to go and am just a beginner but I can definitely see that with a bit of experience, ZBrush will help me produce exactly what I have been after for a long time. Email: plq@tpg.com.au Website: https://www.facebook.com/paul.quinton.71 THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH Thoughts on ZBrush, wow, where do I start. First, many software companies gouge us here in Australia. For exactly the same digital download you would get in the USA we can pay twice as much. Not Pixologic though, they have made ZBrush so affordable it's hard to believe. Then, after having paid for it just once a few years ago, I have received every update since, FOR FREE. Version after version for free. Just incredible and wonderful. Anytime I've ever had a tech question, the awesome Pixologic folks have answered straight away - so great support. Also, great community with ZBrushCentral and fantastic education with ZClassroom. ZBrush itself is phenomenal. Sit with a blank canvas armed with nothing but an idea, a mental image, and to be able to ShadowBox, DynaMesh, ZSphere, ZSketch, import a mesh or just start out with a primitive to bring that image to the screen offers limitless flexibility and scope. To be able to paint and render the model with such quality, all in ZBrush, is just insane.
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