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Pierre Thériault

ZBrushCentral username: Art-Machine

I are the dark mage Turntable 1, 2, and 3 This piece was made with 3d printing and mass production in mind. Going for the same look as anime & game resin/PVC models often seen at conventions and specialty shops. In this case I created an original iteration of the classic RPG-style black mage character. Son't be fooled, his little guy packs a punch! Don't miss the final renders : http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?169100-quot-I-are-the-dark-mage-quot-Toy-sculpt ARTIST'S PROFILE I've been known as Art-Machine since my younger days working in professional comics, for all major publishers of the time. After many years in that industry I made the shift to 3D and entered video games, which had always been my passion, at Ubisoft. Being from an illustration and coloring background, I have always preferred style over realism in 3D, and that usually reflects in my works. Currently I am freelancing while waiting to find a studio to call home. Email : connect@art-Machine.com Website: www.Art-Machine.com THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH I was unlucky enough enough to start making 3D characters back in the days of box and patch modeling. Unlucky because I always found a level of frustration that the vertex-tweaking process was so technical and tedious. It was hard to 'be an artist' while modeling, back then. At the same time, this means I was in the lucky position to truly appreciate what a big deal ZBrush was when it came around. It was a revolution for freeing the artist to do what they do best, create on-the-fly and in the moment. Since those early days, ZBrush has remained my main tool of choice for 3D, at work and at home. Over the years it has only become a bigger part of my technique. It can't be overstated, how much of an impact ZBrush has had in the games and movie industries. I continue to be impressed and strengthened by the new features delivered with each new version. Thanks for inventing ZBrush!
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