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Rajeev Menon

ZBrushCentral username: RAJEEV

2009 Turntable Gallery Contest Winner
ALEX Turntable 1 From movie "Madagascar." This was one of my first attempts and so it’s special for me. Made the base mesh in MAX. Head, body, mane, eyes, ears and whiskers were separate subtools. I really like the sharp "edgy look." I accomplished it using pinch brush. Wanted more subdivision for the body, but couldn't due to insufficient memory as my base mesh was not evenly distributed, so I had problems while sculpting nails MILO Turntable 2 I was going through some clay sculptures, came across a cool image of dog. I tried to make it in my version, again base mesh in MAX. Now when I look at the base mesh and final sculpt I feel great sculpting. I gave the base mesh character by using standard brush and move tool to bring out the volume and pinch tool for the sharp features. Main thing is I like his smile. PIRANHA Turntable 3 My version of a reference I got from the net. Used to apply Alpha and made my own custom "fin alpha." I exaggerated his eyes. I got confused with its presentation. Made a podium looking like a Chinese soup bowl and fish escaping out of it. I love his expression, which speaks out "watch out!" SAILOR Turntable 4 My first realistic head sculpt. Again got reference and changed it. I like his asymmetric facial features. It was bit tricky since I had to observe the model from every angle. Messed it up initially, but later got it right. Standard and move tool are like god. Used clay tubes for hair. HELLBOY Turntable 5 I wanted to make a complete character so I started with Hellboy’s head. First started looking at movie references. Later on got lazy and made a stylized version which I like more. For the Horn stubs I thought of using layer brush with round alpha, but it was getting messy. So, then I used a separate subtool. CHAD Turntable 6 One of my quick sculpts. I like his lazy expression and his exaggerated body features. Only used standard and move tool SITTING BULL Turntable 7 One of my friends suggested this one. He is a big fan of this Red Indian guy known as "Sitting Bull.” I tried to make him and I think did fair justice with his bust. For this I learned by using clay brush for volumes. The skin pores using alpha and made the head dress in Maya. Too many polygons but ZBrush could still handle it easily VOLDEMORT Turntable 8 My first complete character, villain character from Harry Potter series. This I made for an online sculpting competition. Made the folds on cloth using standard brush and pinch tool with lazy mouse and using the repeat last command. It is one of the best features in ZBrush ARTIST'S PROFILE I'm a CG artist working as 3D artist for Exigent game art (a game outsource company) in India. I work on 3DMAX and XSI mostly, and I work mainly on inorganic stuff here like vehicles, machines, props, levels etc. I love modeling, but now I have started texturing too. It kind of feels incomplete without texturing the asset I have modeled. Recently I've started using ZBrush for my high res game assets for giving fine details, which helps in better normal maps. Working on games is really amazing since you learn so much, new technology, new techniques. Apart from that I love modeling photo realistic cars cause that's how I got into 3D industry. I’ve been in 3d for the last 4 yrs. Sometime back one of my friend introduced me to ZBrush. My initial attempts were no more than a messy blob mesh, but I didn't give up, I tried again. With simple things and then slowly got the hang of it. I prefer sculpting characters that are not realistic. I like stylized art like cartoons, mostly animals. I observe different clay sculptures by various artists. The more you practice the more you get better at it. Apart from my work I always give time for my personal work because I think personal work really helps you grow and improve your art. I really find happiness when I make something cool in ZBrush. And I think when you feel good inside you produce good art. My ambition is to make a great CG movie. THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH I've been using ZBrush for quite sometime now and I think it is the only software with so many possibilities. It can be used both in gaming industry and CGI productions. You can sculpt, texture, bake maps, and pose your characters. I've heard that the latest version has many more new features. ZBrush has really evolved into MEGA SOFTWARE for artists. I like the way it handles polygons so effortlessly. There was a time when I used to think that I'll never be able to make any characters because whenever I started I would get stuck somewhere with proportions, poly flow etc. But ZBrush made my dreams come true. Thanks a lot ZBrush. Email: mrajeev1@gmail.com   Website: http://rajeevmenon.daportfolio.com
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