ZBrush 3D Turntables
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Robert Borashan

ZBrushCentral username: polaroid29

Chupacabra Turntable 1 and 2 This is my take on the Chupacabra legend. The idea was to use no artistic inspiration other than real animal photographs and chupacabra descriptions, and create my idea of the character as a believable animal. Done 100% in ZBrush from start to finish. ARTIST PROFILE I'm an artist, musician and student originally from San Francisco, but now living in Los Angeles. I love all things odd, macabre and grandiose, and love portraying this through character work. I'm currently working in toy production, but am also available for freelance or contract in films, games, toy production, or general commissions. Email: robertborashan@yahoo.com Website: www.robertborashan.com THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH Where to start? Pixologic has completely changed the face of CG. With tools like DynaMesh and QRemesher, ZBrush has allowed me to completely remove any technical limitations and just create art, and I could never thank them enough for that. If Pixologic was a human being, I would likely share my lunch with it. Or possibly hug it for extended periods of time. One of my favorite artists shared this quote with me: "Just f-ing sculpt it", and that has never been easier thanks to this great team!
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