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Robert Vari

ZBrushCentral username: SpotLamp

Scorpion Turntable 1 This is a character from the well known game called Mortal Kombat. I really liked the game and I thought it would be great If I made a fan art from Scorpion. One of the iconic characters from the series. I was really inspired by his new character design. ARTIST PROFILE I'm working as a Setup and Hair TD at Digic Pictures. My daily job is preparing character models and props for animation and simulation. I also responsible for making hair prototypes and simulations. Before, I was working for a small animation studio as Lead Setup TD and Senior Character Modeler. Email: mail.robertvari@gmail.com Website: www.robertvari.com THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH I've been using ZBrush for eight years. ZBrush went through some major changes in those years and became a standard for digital sculpting both in game and film industry. I think Pixologic does a really good job in making an intuitive tool for digital artists like me, and I'm keen to share my knowledge with those who are trying their wings in digital sculpting.
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