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Rodrigo Branco

ZBrushCentral username: digitalmind

Maiden Turntable 1 Medieval Daredevil Turntable 2 Warrior Turntable 3 Woman Anatomy Turntable 4 ARTIST'S PROFILE My name is Rodrigo A.Branco and I've been using zbrush as my main tool in character design for about 4 years. I usually concentrate most of the process of create characters in ZBrush, since the blocking sketch till the final highpoly or lowpoly sometimes. Website: http://digitalinkrod.blogspot.com.br/ Email: r.branco2d3d1977@gmail.com THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH A revolutionary tool! I cant live without it. ZBrush really makes the artist feels comfortable on every aspect of sculpting and Pixologic always think about what artists needs to reach a higher quality in their artwork.
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