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Ross Krambergar

ZBrushCentral username: Skos

Gesundheit Turntable 1 The majority of my sculpts begin with sharing Zspheres and basic geometry created in Maya. GoZ is essential for this and clicking that little button still makes me cackle like a power hungry, bad guy cliché. I scarcely use more than three brushes for about 90 percent of my sculpt. The clay buildup brush gives me everything the claytubes brush did, minus the contours. The damStandard brush and the move brush are the other two I use. I build up the form and refine, keeping the whole model at the same stage of completion as it progresses. I find this method to especially essential when sculpting a creature of such provocative elegance such as this piece. Toilet Dude Turntables 1, 2 The insanity of this piece is beyond explanation. This was my first Zbrush sculpt and like most Zbrush beginners, I decided to sculpt an old person, he looked grumpy when I sculpted him, so I wondered why he would be grumpy… and then it hit me. When is the worst time to be interrupted? Yes… Nyaminyami minion Turntable 4 The Nyaminyami is the mythical river god of the Zambezi river, you can see the official symbol of the nyaminyami hanging from his weapon, which is in fact an ancient African club known as a knobkerrie. With all this African influence you may want to ask why he then is wearing a Scottish sporran? Please don't ask. The Butcher Turntable 5 His Face was sculpted from a box mesh and retopologised within Zbrush and then refined, his arms and legs were Zspheres which were later retopologised and refined further, his torso began as a box mesh and his apron was an extract of topology created from the torso. The finer details of the cloth were created using a repeating alpha and displacing it over an area guided by masking. Ziggy Yotski Turntables 6 I imported A cube from Maya, subdivided it and, as I often do, began sculpting whatever came to me. Fat Dutchess Turntable 7 I already had the idea for this sculpt in my head before I began sculpting and very quickly she came to life, she also began as a box mesh. Mad scientist Turntable 8 Originally a serious portrait sculpt, I had a moment of frustration where I began attacking the mesh, yet somewhere amongst the carnage, I saw something which appealed to me and so I began to refine it, it is somewhat disconcerting to know that somewhere in my subconscious there is a mad scientist with a monocle lurking. ARTIST'S PROFILE I first began studying 3D in 2005 through digitaltutors.com. I am currently pursuing a career as a 3D artist in the film or games industry. THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH I've never been a "point pusher", after using Zbrush I could never go back to modeling characters solely within Maya. The freedom which Zbrush allows is amazing and the speed at which I can create pieces enables me to make huge changes without the fear of destroying what I have already created. With the addition of GoZ, my options are literally limitless. Zbrush has changed my life as an artist and I can only imagine the creations I will be capable of as I continue to develop my abilities. Email: contact@rosskrambergar.com Website: www.rosskrambergar.com  
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