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Simone Corso

ZBrushCentral username: Gordon_Freeman

Apophis Turntable 1, 2, 3 I started from the head, just to know “who” I am going to sculpt, just to figure out the character's attitude. So once that I created the zsphere for the bust I started to sculpt the head defining all the details, after that I used the retopology tool to create an usable low poly mesh in Maya, where I modeled the rest of the LP model. After the traditional modeling part in Maya I exported the obj to Zbrush to sculpt the whole model. I didn't project the old head model details to the new one because I preferred to begin a different sculpt approach on it following the new topology and maintaining the same face expression. The next step was to place the character in a suitable position using the Transpose tool and then add various accessories and skirt. I added the details on the bracelet and anklet obtaining the alpha from subtools already created for the necklace and belt. The whip snake was obtained through a chain of ZSpheres to find the best pose but his head was sculpted as a different Subtool and then retopologized on ZBrush and attacked to the rest of the snake in Maya. In the end I did nothing but sculpting the details on the body of Apophis and add the pedestal. ARTIST'S PROFILE I started out as a young designer and 3d modeler through several scholary projects carried out for Unilever, Piaggio and Ariete, these were the first experiments with CAD software such as AutoCAD and Rhinoceros. Subsequently the passion for 3D design came out, so take advantage of new works by various architecture studios, I experienced new softwares (3ds max and Maya) and thus new ways to give more expression to my work. Since I was a child I was dreaming to be able to animate my scribbles, to bring my toys to life, so it was that in 2005, after graduating at ISIA, industrial Design in Florence, I decided to learn 2D and 3D animation attending specific courses at the Mineapolis College of Art and Design, where also I explored the world programming for video games with UT2 Editor. After the U.S. experience I commenced the way of animation at Stranemani s.r.l., where I had chance to express myself at work. Currently I am working as a teacher at "Scuola Internazionale di Comics" in Florence. Email: vortigount@gmail.com Website: http://simocorso.wordpress.com/
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