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Spyridon Boviatsos

ZBrushCentral username: Spyridon Boviatsos

The Baron Turntable 1-4 The serfs grow increasingly tired of the brutal and irrational treatment they are subjected to at the hands of their lord. The Baron is a feudal knight of a militant and formerly prosperous fiefdom with coffers swollen only by recent land grabs. During a campaign for further territory acquisition the Baron was made aware of a tomb on the outskirts of a neighboring lord's manor. While rumored to contain the dowry and burial tributes of a wealthy aristocratic couple struck down in their prime by a virulent and pernicious illness that had wracked the local countryside, it was said that grave robbers have superstitiously avoided the loot. After the Baron had dashed their remains about the crypt while ordering the collection of anything of value, he returned to his own estates. He began refusing to be seen outside of his armor, and a horrific stench emanated from both his person and quarters. He had his smithy refashion and modify his armour in seemingly illogical ways which should have rendered it unwearable by a normal person. Servant girls consistently went missing when attending him in his private chambers, and he became a rare sight outside these rooms. His lands lay in disarray, and his subjects starve and flounder. (Written by: Keith Thompson) The main challenge in this piece was to maintain the main forms and shapes from the concept, but at the same time take it to the next level by adding details and embellishing with parts that represent my personal style and work identity, but can co-existing harmony with the elements from the original concept. ARTIST PROFILE I am a 3D Artist currently living in London, UK. My studies had to do with computer science and software engineering, but my passion for art did not let me follow a career as programmer or IT. I have been doing this since 2010 when I decided to do a MSc in Computer Animation, and during this time I have managed to learn a lot. I can work with environments or characters, High or low-def. But my real passion is creating extremely highly detailed, high fantasy, obscure sculpts! Email: me@spyridonboviatsos.com Website: www.spyridonboviatsos.com THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH ZBrush is one of the main reasons that I am doing whatever it is I am doing today. I believe that it brought a revolution in the world of 3D, by realizing what everyone would describe as the obvious way of creating 3D Art, but no one ever actually dared to make it happen.
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