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Wilson Oviedo

ZBrushCentral username: bestialopolis

Batman Anti Riot Turntable 1 and 2 This is my tribute to my favorite superhero. But I made a "heavier" version of him, putting more armor on his suit, which limits his agility, but gives him more protection. I like to make characters with a cartoon style. For this model I started with a mannequin in ZBrush. The 80% of the model was retopologized in ZBrush and just some artifacts were made in 3DSmax, as the optical sight of the grenade launcher. This model has 26 parts and almost 3 million polys in the high version. I could have left a high number of them, but I consider that the displace map and the normal one are enough, both of them, of course, generated in ZBrush. ARTIST PROFILE I am a Graphic Designer and3D artist, who has always been interested in everything related to comic and arts, I love studying tutorials and, through this process, finding out how some other artists create their models. I did this to learn how to use ZBrush taking advantage of the several tutorials that you can find about it, and also because I really liked the results of the works I saw which were done with it. It‘s an honor to show my work to so many excellent artists. Email: bestialopolis@yahoo.es Website: www.flickr.com/photos/wilsonoviedo YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/bestialopolis?feature=mhee THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH I started using ZBrush around 2008. At the beginning, I had no clue about how to use the brushes, the subdivision, the tools or anything. At that moment, 3Dmax was the only 3d program that I knew, and therefore, the polygonal modeling was the only choice left for me. I began to search after tutorials, studied them carefully and, finally, I got to understand ZBrush. The digital sculpting gave me more freedom to create my models. Personally, I believe that the base mesh is fundamental before adding details, but with ZBrush it is inevitable to let my imagination fly and make more and more details until I finally say: “well...now you need to Retopologize all that stuff… enjoy!”. Great program :)
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