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Zhelong Xu

ZBrushCentral username: xuzhelong

BI-XI Turntable 1 BI-XI is a Legendary animal who has a dragon head and a turtle's body in ancient China. He is sixth son of the dragon king. You can see it in many of China's tourist attractions such as the Forbidden City. Symbolizes the infinite power in China. Usually He was carrying a large stone, because he was so mighty. I created this sculpture, not only let him have a classic Chinese taste, but also with a little bit modern style. This sculpture was made by DynaMesh, ZRemesher and UVMaster in ZBrush 4R6. The Chinese Lion Turntable 2 & 3 In China, unlike in Western countries or in Africa, lion is actually a mythical beasts. In the thousands of years Chinese culture, the lion represents good luck, bring people happiness, blocking all evil. When I was a child, get through a pair of ceramics lion from my parents, but they are too rough. So,to respected for my homeland and my childhood, I made the chinese lion with ZBrush! This sculpture was made by DynaMesh ,ZRemesher and UVMaster in ZBrush 4R6. The Dragon Turntable 4 & 5 When I was a kid, I always dreamed I could find a real Lair, of course, finally I only found some small lizards lair. But since I grew up, this dream has been in my heart, I love dragons. They represent fantasy, power, and incredible. And I can only hope that one day the dragon be 3d printed out on my desk. Of particular note is that dead tree trunk, I hope it is an extension of the body of the dragon... from a certain point of view, they are like a whole. Together to form a beautiful shape. I started with DynaMesh from a very simple base mesh, and QRemesher for retopology, Transpose Master with ZSphere rig to pose it. The Horse Head Turntable 6 & 7 I like horses, especially Arabian horses, one day I thought if I could make a horse sculpture, she must be a girl. To show her beautiful, I let her eyes closed, like a Persian princess, with a shy smile. Those reins will never be shackles but rather some nice jewelry. The sculpture was made from ZSketch to DynaMesh. In this way there was very fast so I can catch my thoughts. The Portrait of an Old Man Turntable 8 & 9 One day, I saw an old man in front of the hospital, perhaps there is some unfortunately thing happened, the old man looked very sad, When I saw his face closer, I was completely shocked. So I made this sculpture to commemorate the moment of sadness. I used Sculptris for the basemesh, then GoZ to ZBrush, DynaMesh, and use QRemesher in ZBrush 4R4 finally. T-Rex Turntable 10 ARTIST'S PROFILE My name is ZheLong XU, I was born in JingDeZhen, a small but famous town in China, which place had thousands of years history for making ceramic. They call it "Ceramic Town." After graduating JingDeZhen ceramic institute, I became a 3d artist since 2001. At that time I was founded The Shanghai MagicStone images studio with my best friend. And now, I love using ZBrush everyday when I was first exposed to it in 2009. Email: xuzhelong@163.com Website: www.flickr.com/photos/lightrender, zhelong.cghub.com THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH I am a person who dedicated his life to digital art. ZBrush is the best tool that has the most user-friendly interface and the tools for 3d artist. Can not find any words to describe my love for those features, especially DynaMesh and ZRemesher, I just want to say that these two features are the perfect partner. ZBrush really liberated the imaginations of artist. And I almost exclusively use some of its basic functions. Still surprised me with a lot of features. Do not forget, they have the world's best digital sculpting forum, the ZBrushCentral!
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