ZBrush to KeyShot

Offering an alternative to ZBrush's powerful BPR powerful rendering engine, you can now seamlessly use the ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge1 plugin to transfer your models from ZBrush to KeyShot with a single mouse click. One advantage is that KeyShot can become a second screen for ZBrush, with your render continuing to refine and improve itself even while you are working on new elements or other projects!


High Quality Rendering
High Quality Rendering ZBrush Artist: Tristan Schane

KeyShot is well known for combining fast speed with high render quality. Whether updating the point of view, changing the lights, swapping backgrounds or modifying the real-world-based materials, you can see the results with a speed that approaches real-time. The KeyShot workflow is also designed for ease of use, mainly based on a drag-and-drop system that bypasses the need for elaborate shader trees.

KeyShot is not a replacement for BPR but rather a supplement to it. If you don’t have KeyShot you will still have the full power of ZBrush's native renderer. If you do have KeyShot, you can switch between it and BPR at any time, depending upon your needs.

As with ZBrush, KeyShot relies on your system's CPU and RAM so that there is no need to invest in a high end video card to get quality renders. If ZBrush can display your model, KeyShot can render it!

4R7 Beta Image Gallery
ZBrush Data Support ZBrush Artist: Jerod Bogh
ZBrush Data Support ZBrush Artist: Joseph Drust
ZBrush Data Support ZBrush Artist: Omid Moradi

ZBrush to KeyShot seamless integration
ZBrush Data Support ZBrush Artist: David Richardson True One-Click Transfer

When the ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge is enabled, KeyShot becomes a substitute for ZBrush's BPR render. Clicking the BPR button in ZBrush will now send all data to KeyShot automatically. You won't need to worry about selecting your models, converting your noise to real geometry, generating displacement maps or anything else. ZBrush will do it all automatically!

ZBrush Data Support ZBrush Artist: Daniel Orive ZBrush Data Support

The ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge supports: ZSpheres, ZSketch, MatCaps, PolyMesh 3D, Surface Noise and more. If you can generate it in ZBrush, it can be sent via the ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge!

Options for All Needs
Options for All Needs ZBrush Artist: Bernard Caumes

If you are already the owner of a KeyShot license (5 or 6, any version) then you only need to purchase the ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge in order to connect ZBrush 4R7 to your KeyShot application. You don't need to buy a separate KeyShot license for use with ZBrush.

However, if you don't own KeyShot you can purchase the special edition KeyShot for ZBrush2 version which comes in two flavors: KeyShot 7 HD for ZBrush and KeyShot 7 Pro for ZBrush. This gives ZBrush artists even more options when rendering models and scenes. If you are using KeyShot as a rapid visualization tool while sculpting in ZBrush then KeyShot 7 HD for ZBrush will serve that role admirably. On the other hand, if you wish to output renders of your ZBrush models that are even more photo-realistic or have a need for animations and turntables then KeyShot 7 Pro for ZBrush may be exactly what you've been dreaming of.

Compare the differences between the special editions for ZBrush:

  • KeyShot 7 HD for ZBrush has all the same features as KeyShot 7 HD, including unlimited render resolution.
  • KeyShot 7 Pro for ZBrush has all the same features as KeyShot 7 Pro, including animation and turntables, HDRI Editor, Material Graph and Render layers & passes.
  • Either version can only communicate with ZBrush. Import from other programs is disabled, although you can certainly bring models from those programs into ZBrush and then send them to KeyShot.
  • These versions can also only open KeyShot scenes that were created with KeyShot for ZBrush. They cannot open scenes created with the KeyShot versions sold by Luxion.

With options for every need, coupling the power of ZBrush with the real-time feedback of KeyShot is an exceptional way to get fast visual cues while you are sculpting. This of course enables creation of better assets. Additionally, you can take advantage of beautiful and lightning-fast renders using KeyShot for your finished images. It's a no brainer!

Free Downloads
Free Downloads
Free Downloads

To produce even more fantastic renders with ZBrush and KeyShot, Pixologic is offering a FREE downloadable pack of 137 back plates, 22 HDR images and 8 clay-style materials. Purchase the ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge with KeyShot for ZBrush, then download and install the pack to enjoy this exclusive content. This content is licensed for both personal and commercial use!

  1. The regular price of the ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge is USD 149.The ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge can be purchased directly from the Pixologic store.
  2. The KeyShot for ZBrush editions match their regular KeyShot (HD and Pro) counterparts in all features. The only differences are that they require use of the ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge to import models and can also only open KeyShot scenes created in a KeyShot for ZBrush version. Those minor restrictions are offset by the greatly reduced prices of USD 200 for the HD version and USD 400 for the Pro version.