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This new release of ZBrush continues to expand creative freedom with a focus on model topology and detail creation. These new features were developed to let you work freely as an artist while exploring new ideas and design possiblilies!

As with all new ZBrush releases, version 4R4 is packed with a huge set of new features and enhancements to let you more readily explore your ideas or streamline your workflow.

Transpose is a good example of these changes. The new world axis selector lets you switch to a working plane orientation with a single click. Another option lets you align it to the surface normal. In addition, there are new Inflate and Flatten functions especially useful in hard surface sculpting.

ZBrush Artist: Joseph Drust

Background References
ZBrush adds to its toolset a new way to use references images, additionally to Spotlight, Image Plane and the new background image snapshot capabilities. You can now load images which will fill the floor grid of ZBrush in the three working planes and in both sides of the grid with a different image on each side.

To simplify your reference image process, you have the ability to manipulate them in the grid space for placement or even cropping operations, which will avoid the need of complex operations in a 2D software editor.

The model which will be sculpted using these reference images gains a new display mode specially optimized for working with background references images by applying smart variations of the transparency based on the model surface angles and not only relying on a classic transparency.

ZBrush Artist: Kurt Papstein


DynaMesh lovers will enjoy being able to merge SubTools (and even use a new PolyGroup feature to define a SubTool as a negative volume for DynaMesh subtraction). Being able to use SubTools or the Insert brushes gives you another layer of freedom and control. If you like pushing the limits, DynaMesh resolution now goes up to 2048!

We invite you to read the full feature list and see all the major and minor changes helping to redefine the reaches of your artistic limits!


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