Additional Changes

  • SubTool splitting can be based on the surface’s mask -- useful for creating a SubTool based on an inserted a mesh or a tri-part curve.
  • The Smooth algorithm used in several major ZBrush functions (such as DynaMesh and ShadowBox) has been improved to preserve as much of the original mesh volume as possible.
  • The Topology brush now keeps the curve segment size constant, even after zooming in or out. This avoids accidentally changing the curve density while navigating.
  • Slice Curve now works on partially hidden geometry and has four Stroke options: Lasso, Curve, Circle and Rectangle.
  • Micro Mesh has a new Align option, causing all replicated objects to face the same direction.
  • The Render Properties now have a Vibrant slider for a global setting change. This eliminates the need to individually edit materials when you want them all to share the same value.
  • Images can now be exported in PNG format with full transparency support and/or depth as an Alpha. This is especially useful with the new GrabDocAndDepth function.
  • Size and Position of the Tool can now be adjusted through dedicated sliders. Unlike the deformation sliders which reset to 0 immediately, these new sliders retain their values. For example, you can simply set the Size slider to 2 and double the size of your model. To change it back to the original size you would change the slider back to a setting of 1.
  • Extract has a new Double option, allowing you to extract both out from the surface and in toward the center at the same time.

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