Feature Enhancements

Complementing all of the major 4R7 features are a number of improvements and functions requested by our users, as well as various smaller additions and new functions.

64-bit Support
64-bit Support ZBrush Artist: Joseph Drust

ZBrush 4R7 is available in two separate applications:

  • The official release 4R7 application, which is a 32-bit program.
  • A second executable, the 4R7 64-bit Preview.

While an official 64-bit release will have to wait for ZBrush 5 due to the complex nature of this migration, we are providing 64-bit version of 4R7 as a "developer preview" of this update which you are welcome to use as you wish. This preview edition has exactly the same features as the official 32-bit release and has been tested on a wide variety of systems. However, there is no substitute for real-world testing by thousands of artists. In order to guarantee that no problems arise as part of the transition to 64-bit coding -- especially for those of you who are using ZBrush for mission-critical projects! -- we will continue to treat the 32-bit version as the official release until ZBrush 5, at which point ZBrush will exclusively be available as a 64-bit application.

Feel free to use the 64-bit Preview today! You will find it already installed in your ZBrush 4R7 folder, next to the 32-bit version. It is already faster than the 32-bit version and of course you can push ZBrush to the limits of your computer's RAM and processing capabilities! But at the same time, rest assured that in the unlikely event that an issue is encountered you will still have the trusty reliability of the 32-bit version to fall back on.

ZRemesher 2.0
ZRemesher 2.0 ZBrush Artist: Joseph Drust

ZBrush's automatic retopology tool has evolved. In this second version, ZRemesher now generates better automatic retopology results with only limited spirals or none at all. The updated version generates improved surface quality, has an automatic helix removal system and has far better support for hard surfaces. In addition to these improvements it is now also a 64-bit process


Options for All Needs
Replay Last Relative ZBrush Artist: Joseph Drust Replay Last Relative

Repeating your most recent stroke on another part of your model is now possible by using the Replay Last Relative function. For example, a lightning bolt alpha that is drawn in one location can be identically reproduced at another location as long as the point of view remains the same.

Watch Replay Last In Action
Projection of Grid Background Images ZBrush Artist: Joseph Drust Projection of Grid Background Images

Background images applied to your scene's floor and wall grids can now be projected onto the model. This adds an extra layer of help when using reference images to accurately produce a specific design.

Initialize PolyMesh 3D Initialize PolyMesh 3D

With the arrival of ZModeler, it was also useful to add a PolyMesh Initialization feature for primitives. With just a few clicks, you can define the X, Y and Z resolutions to build cubes, spheres and cylinders ready for use with ZModeler and other features.

FBX Import/Export FBX Export/Import

A new plugin has joined the library of free ZBrush plugins: FBX Import-Export! It is automatically included with a default ZBrush 4R7 installation.

You can now import and export FBX files using the FBX v6.1 and v7.1 standards. This FBX plugin will support embedded maps (Displacement, Normal and Texture), blend shapes based on layers, smoothing based on normals and more!

And Even More Features!
Features ZBrush Artist: Mariano Steiner

ZBrush 4R7 is also packed with numerous minor additions and changes:

  • TransPose now has a “Center on Selection” mode. This places the Action Line at the center of the unmasked model, visible mesh or current PolyGroup.
  • Creased Edge Beveling: Any creased edges on the model can be converted to a bevel, offering an alternative to ZModeler’s own bevel function. ZBrush remains committed to providing flexibility by giving multiple paths to your goal!
  • Copy/Paste: You can now copy your Tools across Projects, SubTools, or even geometry.
  • Grid Divide is able to uniformly tessellate/divide a model, based on a grid pattern.
  • The technical information for a model (its PolyFrame or PolyGroup coloring) can be enabled or disabled individually. This offers alternate ways to display the model's topology.
  • The Mask Adjust function allows you to alter an existing mask beyond what can be accomplished with the regular sharpen/blur functions.
  • Texture transparency now has a Tolerance slider to bring a higher quality of transparency by supporting more than just pure black.
  • At creation, 3D Primitives can be oriented along the three different axes, avoiding an extra rotation step after the fact.
  • All radial-based primitives (like the Sphere3D and Cylinder3D) now have the center points welded. They also align the segments to the world axis when possible.
  • The Make Insert Brush function now stores UV's, Texture and Displacement Maps. This allows the ZModeler "Insert NanoMesh" function to create NanoMeshes with UV's and textures already assigned. InsertMesh Brushes will now hold UV's.
  • The UV Tiling function is now interactive.
  • All Curves now have a Tile parameter to duplicate the curve value multiple times.
  • The Weld Point function associated with the Modify Topology feature now has a maximum distance.