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The new Undo History is part of the ZPR format and remains available between sessions. You can come back to your model hours or even weeks later and still retain the ability to step backward as far as necessary. Pressing the Undo button several thousand times would be extremely tedious and with that in mind we have included a slider to quickly scrub through the entire history. There are even playback controls giving you the ability to scroll to a general point and then play forward to the exact step you're looking for.

Undo History A virtual time machine for today’s artist.
When using the Project (ZPR) format, ZBrush can now store almost all of your creative steps in its new Undo History. ZBrush stores up to 10,000 levels of undo history without impacting your computer's memory needs. At any time, you can navigate back to a specific step and even revert to the original camera point of view. It’s like having a virtual art time machine.
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ZBrush Artist: Chris Carter

The undo history functionality gives you the capacity to make a movie from any given point in your design process. From start to finish, the new movie options open up new possibilities for showcasing your latest work. In fact, you can even use settings to stabilize the camera and keep the model centered in order to make watching the playback a more enjoyable experience. You can even selectively replace the camera point of view at any time, letting you focus on a specific area of desire!

In addition to all of this, the Background image can now move to match your object's rotations. What's more, you can also use the Best Preview Render (BPR) to present your movie in the best possible light, including shadows and material effects!


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